Personalise your Playbrush

① Select Playbrush edition

Do your children use a manual or electric toothbrush? Choose between Playbrush Smart, a smart attachment for manual toothbrushes or Playbrush Smart Sonic, a fully integrated electric toothbrush.


② Add Optional subscription

Every Playbrush comes with 4 free games and the brushing coach. But you can also upgrade to a Playbrush subscription and receive all Playbrush brushing games and detailed brushing statistics.


Already have a Playbrush?

To maintain the high level of brushing motivation that children get from Playbrush, many parents upgrade to a games subscription which also lets them monitor brushing progress via statistics.


Why is Playbrush unique?

  • 100% interactive – Playbrush translates tooth brushing movements into gameplay.
  • Children control 2 minute games as their own brushing
  • Apps encourage children to brush at the correct speed and all around their mouth
  • Fun and effective toothbrushing
  • 100% of parents agree: brushing is more fun
    Scientific research with 115 kids, 2017
  • Brushing lasts 2x longer
    Scientific research with 115 kids, 2017
  • Kids brush regularly (twice a day)
    Scientific research with 115 children, 2017
  • According to parents brushing quality has increased
    Scientific research with 115 kids, 2017

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