No thanks, I don’t need a subscription!

You still retain access to 4 free games and the brushing coach. But you will not have replacement toothbrush heads for when you are meant to replace them.

Continue without
What do I miss out on without a subscription?

Your children will miss out on all other brushing games that may improve their brushing skills and motivation even more!

You will not have access to the detailed brushing statistics that help parents monitor their children’s brushing progress over time.

You will not receive the discount on your Playbrush that subscription customers get. You will also miss out on the opportunity to receive cash back via Paypal every month for good brushing!

You do not receive replacement toothbrush heads for at the best price delivered to your door.

Where else can I buy the brush heads?

The brush heads can currently only be purchased from the Playbrush webshop. For a stress free Playbrush experience, upgrade to our toothbrush head subscription.

Do I need a subscription to use Playbrush?

No, Playbrush can also be used without subscription with the 4 free games and the brushing coach.

Can I think about it and purchase a subscription at a later date?

Yes, subscriptions can also be purchased via the Playbrush app or in our webshop at any time.