What the Dragons Never Saw: Playbrush Smart Sonic, our new Electric Toothbrush

Playbrush Smart Sonic is an electric toothbrush that connects to interactive tooth brushing games on your smartphone or tablet. It makes brushing exciting and fun, while also motivating kids to brush better.

Pre-order now for $39.99 and get one of our 3000 limited edition Smart Sonic Playbrushes, which will be delivered in September.

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What features can I expect?

Translates brushing motions into game directions via Bluetooth

Gives feedback on brushing accuracy, speed, pressure, frequency & duration

17,000 swivel movements with 2 cleaning modes: sensitive and normal

Extra soft bristles indicate when the brush head needs to be replaced

Brush Heads & Games Subscription

Sign up for the subscription and you will get replacement brush heads (double pack) delivered to your door every three months, for only 7.99 per quarter. You will also get: Free access to all our premium games as well as access to detailed brushing statistics for parents. Having a subscription is convenient and incredibly good value. You can cancel the subscription at any time.

If you prefer not to have a subscription, you will still be able to purchase individual brush heads from our web shop. You will however be limited to 4 games and the Brushing Coach in the Playbrush App.

Pre-Order Now!