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Imagine a world where families queue for the bathroom, toothbrushing is fun and children brush accurately twice a day. Welcome to the world of Playbrush!

Developed with world renowned dentists and tested with more than 300 kids, Playbrush focuses on getting children to brush for 2 minutes twice a day. Fun toothbrushing is a great way to motivate children to brush accurately, for long enough and all around their mouths. A positive and fun atmosphere around oral hygiene will be an easier way of helping children realise the importance of good dental health habits.

Do you want your children to compete against each other’s brushing skills at the same time on 2 smartphones? Then 1 Playbrush is not enough! And that’s why we offer you our Playbrush set, where you have the great opportunity to get 2 Playbrushes for this discounted price. Your children not only now have a Playbrush each, but also get to enjoy fun toothbrushing at the same time.

More features of Playbrush

  • One family is able to share one device (as it fits any manual toothbrush + different game profiles)
  • The device is easy to handle for children of 3+
  • Many different games available and free access to at least one mobile game.
  • Feedback, statistics and trophies
  • The leaderboard will get the whole family involved in comparing against each other and the rest of the world.
  • Works on iOS and Android
  • Playbrush is rechargeable and only needs to be recharged once a month.

This package contains

  • x2 Playbrush (in the color of your choice - either pink or blue)
  • x2 Micro-USB charging cables
  • x2 instructional manuals

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