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Bathroom Kit

Playbrush is a unique device that attaches to any manual toothbrush and transforms it into a game controller. Connect via Bluetooth to a smartphone or tablet and children can play and control fun games with their brushing movements!

Some parents like to keep gadgets away from young hands, and this is where our bathroom kit comes into its own. Equipped with a clear plastic slot to hold a smartphone and 2 suction pads, the smartphone holder is perfect to fix safely onto bathroom mirrors and other surfaces. Get this smartphone holder with a Playbrush in our bathroom kit bundle for the ultimate gaming toothbrush experience.

Interactive brushing challenges and rewards coupled with detailed brushing feedback, means brushing is now not just entertaining, but effective. Playbrush will introduce 3 key benefits into your bathroom:

  • Improving kids' dental health.
  • Making toothbrushing fun.
  • Ending bathroom tantrums.

Turn your bathroom into a playground today and order NOW!